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Bubba and the Mexican


To watch Bubba & the Mexican fight the terrorist

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The Jumping Frog From Atlanta


A long black Cadillac pulled up to the gas pumps at Bubba's garage. The strange driver

asked if there were any poker games or gambling going on in town. "Not's hear," said Bubba,

"just chicken fights on Satiddy nite." "Too bad," said the stranger, "Cause I have a frog that can

out jump any frog in Meigs County Tennessee." "Let's muh see tis frog," inquired Bubba. The

stranger opend the trunk and there sat an ordinary bullfrog. "I'll bet $50 bucks this frog can out

jump any frog in this County," said the stranger as he nudged the frog in the rear and he jumped

out of the trunk. About that time Cooter walked up and said, "I'll take that bet!" Wait here and

I'll go get my frog. A few minutes later, Cooter returned with a rather large bullfrog. He sat the frog down, nudged him and he jumped

three feet. " I'll double that bet... Let's make it $100 bucks," said Cooter. "I'se a bets $50 to," chimed in Bubba. They went behind the

garage and marked off a starting line and set both frogs down on the ground with Cooter marking his

frog with a pink ribbon tied around one leg. "Would you two fellas mind carrying my chair down here,

I am kind of tired from the drive up from Atlanta," said the stranger. Bubba and Cooter headed for

the cadillac and the stranger pulled out a tobacco can full of bird shot. He carefully pried open the

mouth of Cooter's bullfrog and poured the contents down his throat, then set the frog down, just as

Bubba and Cooter returned with the chair. OK, I'm ready," said the stranger. "Youse go furst," said

Bubba. The stranger nudged his frog and he jumped about two feet. Marking the landing spot, the

stranger said, "OK, You're up!" Cooter reached down and nudged his frog, but he wouldn't move.

"Bumps hi'm agin," said Bubba. Cooter nudges the frog realy hard, but no response. "I'sa makes

hum jump," said Bubba as he slides his index finger under the frog and pushes up. Plop, the frog

jumped about one inch and just sat down, exhaling air, as if he was exhausted. "Well, I am sorry

your frog didn't do better," said the stranger as he gathered up his winnings, loaded his chair and

drove off. Puzzled Bubba picked up the frog by his hind legs, held him up high and shook him only

to see bird shot falling out everywhere. "Well, I'sa be dog-goned," said Bubba, "looks wha this here

frog a been eatin!"